Servicing you can depend on…

Here at Grange Road Motors we believe in providing high quality service and excellent value for money.  Our special full service rates start from just €110.

We are specialists in all the brands listed below:


Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Inspect engine for oil leaks
  • Replace engine oil and replace filter
  • Inspect clutch fluid
  • Inspect clutch pedal height
  • Inspect hydraulic power steering fluid level
  • Insect air conditioning
  • Inspect all exterior lights
  • Inspect brake fluid level
  • Inspect drive belts, aircon, alternator, power steering etc
  • Inspect engine coolant level
  • Inspect washer fluid level
  • Inspect gearbox for oil leaks
  • Adjust handbrake travel
  • Inspect brake pads and discs
  • Inspect suspension
  • Ensure air pressures at correct levels
  • Inspect tyre wear and tear
  • Inspect exhaust pipes & mountings
  • Check condition of spare wheel
  • Inspect airbags & seat belts
  • Update owner maintenance & log books
  • Road test vehicle
  • Service reminder sticker in place

For more information please call 01-8660900 or e-mail us at